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What does Year 1 offer?
Year 1 offers breadth. It gives students at least a working familiarity with the full range of interaction design fundamentals and develops their ability to design and innovate. In particular they learn to assess and prototype their ideas effectively. In the time available nobody can become an expert in every aspect. But by the Year�s end they should understand where in the discipline their talents and interests lie, and be able to engage in intelligent discussion with collaborators from other disciplines.

What happens in Year 1?
Each student has a faculty member as personal advisor to devise for them an individual development plan and guide them through the year.
An orientation period, which includes English and Italian language classes, starts two weeks before term 1; these classes continue through the Year and, optionally, in Year 2. The term then starts with a short Start-Up project, shared with Year 2, so that both Years get to know each other.
Each term has as its backbone one or two Year 1 Investigations: projects combining tutored studio work with lecture, discussion and critique sessions. Running parallel with these are associated skills workshops and seminar series.

At two points in the year, Year 1 and Year 2 work together on Applied Dreams: real-world projects, many done in collaboration with international companies.
In term 3, while working on the last Investigation, Year 1 students choose their Year 2 Thesis theme from one of Interaction-Ivrea�s interest areas, and begin drafting a proposal and researching its background. They attend the Year 2 final critique, help Year 2 mount their Graduation Show, and celebrate with them at the Graduation Ceremony and Interactive Party.

What happens in the summer break?
Over the summer break they continue researching their Thesis and are strongly recommended to take a relevant internship with a company or institution.