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  Walter Aprile (Italy)
Associate Professor
Role   Walter Aprile taught the Computer Technology course and provided assistance on computer-related matters until 2004. He also takes part in several Institute projects (like those developed for the Venice Biennale and Trenitalia) together with other faculty and staff members.
Education   University Degree in Computer Science, Statale University, Milan, Italy (1998)
Specialised Course in Lexicography, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1994)
Specialised Course in Linguistics, Istituto di Scienze Cognitive San Raffaele, Milan, Italy (1993)
Bio   As Director of Telecommunications at ILCE, a distance education organisation in Mexico, Walter Aprile oversaw the implementation of web publishing tools that reached over 6000 Mexican schools. Prior to that, he worked on Italian-English machine translation as a Visiting Researcher at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA, USA).
In the early days of the web, he created internet content in the Macintosh environment for one of the first internet start-ups in Italy. He has also been active in the virtual communities field, first as an administrator and developer of LittleItaly, the first Italian language MOO, and then as editor of Everything2, an online collaborative writing environment.
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