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When lightning strikes

We are proud to present in this gallery section our 2004 Masters Thesis projects and the results of this year's Applied Dreams workshops.

Like all good design, when interaction design is as its best, it seems effortless. Behind what seems to be a stroke of invention, however, are hours, days, weeks and months of thought, discussion, sketching, testing, building, revising, analysing, critiquing and revising again.

Masters students at Interaction-Ivrea spend their entire second year investigating a interaction design problem from start to finish. Some choose to design interactive products that can be developed with technology today and brought to market; others investigate an interaction design problem that suggests multiple future directions; still others propose projects that are primarily provocations to stimulate debate about salient qualities in communications technology.

Applied Dreams workshops are collaborations with industry partners to stimulate new concepts in interaction design. "Applied" doesn't necessarily mean the aim is to create a specific application; rather, the workshops open possibilities that the company can use in its strategy for developing future products and services.


Annual Event 2004
When lightning strikes
press release

Annual Event 2004
When lightning strikes
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