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Tecnologia, tecnologie
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Tecnologia, tecnologie.
Gli ultracorpi interattivi al Festival della Scienza, Genoa

From 28 October until 8 November, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea will present, within the Spazio Telecom at the Festival of Science in Genoa, four interactive projects that promote a vision of communication in today's digital world. During the week, Interaction-Ivrea will also present four learning and fun workshops for kids ranging from 11 to 14 years old. In true accordance with the general spirit of the activities promoted by Progetto Italia, the workshops will be accessible to the public. Participants will be able to immerge themselves in new technologies, discovering the pleasure of learning by doing. The workshops will deliberately employ a low tech approach and will be based around the theme of comunication. Starting from a simple activity like drawing their own portrait, the kids will be confronted with different technologies; from the pencil to the computer (passing through a whole series of different tools).


Tecnologia, tecnologie
Gli ultracorpi al Festival della Scienza
press release

Tecnologia, tecnologie
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