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In the five years of its existence, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea has gained an enviable reputation in Italy and abroad as a centre that promotes the production and diffusion of knowledge in interaction design, through its two year Masters Programme and through the creation of innovation projects both independent and in partnership with Italian and foreign companies.

Since 1983, Domus Academy has been offering Masters courses in different disciplines of design and fashion to students from all over the world. Technological innovation, and the design of the relationships among interactive objects, spaces and services are some of the themes that Domus Academy researches and teaches, and are part of the Masters in I-Design.

In October 2005, IDI left Ivrea and moved to the new premises of Domus Academy in Via Watt in Milan, a recently opened location where the students of Interaction Ivrea will complete the second year of their Masters course in June 2006. Their education will continue to have the same curriculum and ethos of Interaction-Ivrea.

IDI and Domus Academy will devise a new Masters in Interaction Design, which will sum up the best of the experiences of both institutions. This new course will start in January 2006, will last 12 months and carry 180 credits. The presence within Domus Academy of other Masters courses will allow the students to connect themselves to other design disciplines and to interact with those, allowing the issues of interaction design to be applied to the specific needs of different design fields.

IDI and Domus Academy see this new phase as a great opportunity of growth. By merging the cultures of interaction design of both institutions they will create an international centre of excellence. The students of IDI and the students of the new course will both benefit from the stimulation of an international design and work centre like Milan, where the presence of architects, designers, manufacturers and magazines contribute to create an atmosphere full of creativity and opportunities.