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Press Review

press release
4 April 2005


The greenhouse project
10 works in progress and more at DOMUS CIRCULAR
Stadio Meazza San Siro, Milan
14 April From 6pm to 6am

Interaction-Ivrea participates during the Milan Furniture Fair to the event promoted by the magazine Domus - in collaboration with the Consorzio Milan and the magazine Rolling Stone- in Europe�s most important football stadium. On the 14 April, from 6 pm onwards, the stadium Meazza will be filled with installations, video projections, musicians and artists, featuring both events that last only a couple of minutes with longer and cyclical ones. Among the artists are Matthew Barney, Arto Lindsay, Zaha Hadid and Ettore Sottsass.

Interaction-Ivrea presents THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT, several installations displaying the work in progress of the second year students� thesis. The institute will also show three interactive inflatable structures, one containing information about the institute, a second one on the project INSTANT SOUP and a third one displaying a collaboration with the industrial design department of London�s Central Saint Martins. An exciting night during which the stadium will transform itself into a huge arena of spectacle. The installation is curated by E1 (Tal Drori with Matteo Pasteore) and Studio Ape.

Project List

Erez Kikin-Gil

�Eco Pods� is a TUI-controlled system that mimics the growth of a flower. There are four �pods�, each of which can be held in the hand, representing (respectively) wind, rain, the sun�s heat, and the sun�s light. Each can be manipulated with a movement characteristic of the natural element it represents. Watching how their actions affect both the flower and � equally important � the interaction between the natural elements, children learn about the interactive processes of nature. Through this bodily experience, they also begin to internalize core systems-thinking concepts, such as feedback loop, interconnectedness and change over time.

The Amazing All-Band Radio
Oren Horev and Myriel Milicevic

Radio signals are traversing our homes in an endless stream, bringing us signals from far away senders, or from objects in our close vicinity. The Amazing All-Band Radio is a set of three radios that allow for hunting the waves of stars, the music of the earth, or the signals that our communication devices emit in our home environment. Therefore, all the signal-hunting objects are designed for a comfortable use with soft, woolen materials.

Bernd Hitzeroth
Images are not merely representational objects. Their meaning is based on the context through which we experience them. My record-cover collection, my childhood photos, the doodles on the palm of my hand. We experience images through the interactive process of �viewing�. Currently, sharing images through your mobile phone does not offer much of a �viewing experience�. I select the image, I send it, you receive it. In my thesis I am exploring new controls for sharing images on the mobile phone. These controls should be as natural as casting a shadow with your hand or sliding a photo across the table.

Maya Lotan

Flirting is an essential part of human interaction. It is about ambiguous communication with an uncertain outcome, a play of imagination and expectations. Technology mediated dating services, the current alternative to meeting people today, seem to have replaced this magic with profiling, forms and statistical algorithms. Dating feels more like a job than the beginning of a beautiful friendship. URBANSEEDER is an alternative dating service, mixing technology with chance to create �accidental� encounters with people out in the streets. It is an attempt to preserve the spirit of flirting and utilize technology in a way that complements our urban living.

Andreea Chelaru

Family Scrapbook is an application that allows people who live away from their families to create a shared family history. Families who live together collect souvenirs of their life � a family album, a family cookbook, a collection of newspapers. All these items talk about the family and how it grows over the years. When family members move out, the shared family history dies. The Family Scrapbook allows remote family members to store and share mementos of their personal life in a shared family space. The most recent entries can be seen on the forefront of different devices, giving a sense of what�s happening in the lives of other family members. Over time, the scrapbook becomes a testimony of the shared life of the family.

Myriel Milicevic

Just like satellites float around, examining the unknown conditions of our world and sending descriptions of their findings from one place to another, people can now become such probes themselves, exploring the galaxies of signals and particles in their neighbourhoods in a playful adventure. By having the ability to directly sense, examine, read and share the data of their environments, city dwellers can find out more about their living conditions without the use of mediated sources.

Light Appliances
Giovanni Cannata

Light Appliances is a system of easy to use button less appliances that enables people who don�t use computers to access services over the internet. The user can feel the experience of accessing internet services such as e-mails, video calls, audio calls, internet radios and some others, in a new and intuitive way. For example it is possible to call people by dragging and dropping contacts from a digital picture frame to a phone, or to send handwritten e-mails by dragging, instead, the contact into a an e-mail appliance.

Buddy Beads
Ruth Kikin-Gil

The Buddy Beads is about mediating social relationship through mobile communication within groups of teenage girls. The project suggests alternative ways for communication among teenagers, ways which emphasize their social structures, behaviors and needs. Buddy Beads are techno-jewelry items that facilitate non-verbal and emotional communication among group members, through codes and signals which the group decided upon together. Each group member has a matching jewelry piece and can use it to communicate her emotional state to the other group members. Messages are decided by the group in advance and construct a secret private code among its members.

Haraldur Unnarsson

What would our life be like if we heard our favourite music everytime we do something right? This is a Masters thesis project in interaction design about the motivational quality of sound and music in our daily life. The aim of the project is to explore, invent and employ new ways of using sound and music to spur us on doing everyday things. It focuses on the work arena, sports and our leisure time at home.

T� per te
Patray Lui

T�-per-te is a responsive tea table that delivers to the user the most suitable tea according to the user�s body condition by utilizing embedded sensors, a software and a database. The idea makes the oriental belief in holistic tea using easier and more accessible.

Nathan Waterhouse

This thesis looks at how the interaction design process can be inspired by the techniques and ideas of Improvisational theatre. In my work, I have been using theatre �improv� games and adapting them. My intent is to supply a methodology that aids the creation of more intuitive designs. This will become a service that design companies hire to support and mediate during the design process. The service will coordinate between the client and other parties that may be involved in that process including participating users. The service uses a kit that provides a platform for non-designers and designers to speak the same language.

InstantSOUP: an electronics cookbook
Project by: Yaniv Steiner, Giorgio Olivero, Paolo Sancis

InstantSOUP is intended for an audience of design students � interaction design, product design, architecture � and for people who work with Flash and ActionScript. It makes the first steps into the world of physical prototyping almost as easy as preparing Instant Soup.InstantSOUP uses an approach of "learning by making" in a playful, non-technical way to make it easy to explore the connection between physical and digital worlds.

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