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Press Review

press release
28 November 2005

Copenhagen: NEXT2005, the third edition

e1, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea participates in the event with four innovative prototypes

The 25-26 November 2005, Friday and Saturday, NEXT returns.
The third edition of NEXT (Nordic EXceptional Trendshop) is an event organized by Innovation Lab, who promotes research and development between companies and the academic field. They will introduce sophisticated technological prototypes presented both from the national and international arena, in the IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Amongst the participants are e1, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea that once again shows its study and search of innovative technology applied to a daily context making every aspect of your life fascinating. With this background, Interaction-Ivrea will show four projects that advance your technological components yet still easy to use.

We are talking about a toothbrush that plays your preferred music when your teeth have been washed correctly - easy use of household electronics without buttons that allows navigation of the Internet � technology, each with a specific function that can be distributed onto several parts of the body � and last, but no less important, an aquarium with little fishes projected in the color you choose by inserting various cardboard fishes into the color code sensors.

The event takes place Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November, NEXT2005, at the IT University in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We will see you there.

All projects have been realized with the supervision of Massimo Banzi, the responsible of the "physical computing" of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

By Haraldur Unnasson
Thesis advisors Neil Churcher with Yaniv Steiner
Mus~ync is a musical interface that playfully rewards you by making a �right� sound when you do something �right� � and vice versa. When you perform an everyday action like brushing teeth, cooking or driving, Mus~ync reads your movements through sensors and plays your favourite tune from your music library.

EasyTech SafeTrek
By Anurag Sehgal
Thesis advisors Heather Martin with Yaniv Steiner
EasyTech SafeTrek is a system comprising modular devices for mountaineers � each offering a function like phoning, photography, position-location, or avalanche-warning � a tiny computer �hub� linking these functions together, (either with or without wires), and a single power supply. These elements are �wearable�: distributed around the body, mostly in pockets attached to an upper-body harness.

Light Appliances
By Giovanni Cannata
Thesis advisors Heather Martin with Massimo Banzi
Light Appliances is a system of easy to use buttonless appliances that enables people who don�t use computers to access services over the internet. The user can feel the experience of accessing internet services such as e-mails, video calls, audio calls, internet radios and some others, in a new and intuitive way. For example it is possible to call people by dragging and dropping contacts from a digital picture frame to a phone, or to send handwritten e-mails by dragging, instead, the contact into a an e-mail appliance.

Virtual Pool
The Virtual Pool is a project by Giovanni Cannata, Ailadi Cortelletti, Eilean Somnitz, Andreea Chelaru, Anurag Sehgal with Massimo Banzi, Line Ulrika Christiansen, Ileana Pistoni and Yaniv Steiner.
Digital technology can stimulate creativity. The Virtual Pool installation explores the possibility to assign a digital identity to objects. It consists of a round aquarium on which an underwater world environment is projected. Around the pool are located six color code sensors. Each time a person places a paper fish on a sensor, a virtual fish will enter the virtual aquarium. Six different colors of paper fish will give life to six different animated sea animals.
The �animated-objects-theme�, in this set as a virtual pool that offers a possibility for various applications. For example one could imagine a system of simple domestic objects applied to the technology using the application as an explanatory platform of usage.
The objects in the version of the Virtual Pool are colored paper fish. The form factor of the fishes is associated with an Einstein riddle in which an answer is hidden in the making of a composition using all colors of the fishes together.
This is meant to be a take-away gadget for the visitors.

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