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Press Review

press release
10 June 2005

Interaction Design Institute Ivrea present at the 51st international art exhibition

Venice, biennale gardens- Arsenale
from 12 June until 6 November 2005

Interactivity is at the service of people to simplify and improve the quality of life and the consumption of our art heritage. This is the motto of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, which presents at the 51st International Art Exhibition, from 12 June until 6 November 2005, the new project of Interactive Maps.

Following the artistic credo of the Biennale, to transform the maze of art routes into a process of relationships among subjects, forms, ideas and different spaces, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea has designed and created a geographic interactive map which introduces the visitor to the Venetian art route that he has chosen to explore.

A special project, promoted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and by the Biennale. The interactive maps by Interaction Design Institute Ivrea are located in two different exhibition venues, the Biennale Giardini and Arsenale, where the two international exhibitions ´┐ŻL´┐ŻEsperienza dell´┐Żarte´┐Ż e ´┐ŻSempre un po´┐Ż pi´┐Ż lontano´┐Ż are being held.

Thanks to the support of the network Trasmissione Nazionale-GRTN, this new interactive system shows, on the map of Venice, through images and videos, the route to follow to reach the venue of Giardini and Arsenale. In detail, it shows the location of one of the 70 participant countries as well as the artists involved in the International Art Exhibition.

The collaboration between Interaction Design Institute Ivrea and the Biennale of Venice has produced the Interactive Map, designed ad hoc for the 51st International Art Exhibition and which constitutes the first step towards a joint future.

The Maps projects integrate in a simple and intuitive way new technology in our daily life and culture. An excellent occasion to celebrate the 110 anniversary of the Venice Biennale.

Press Office

Silvia Giorgi
[email protected]
0125 422 148

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