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18 November 2003
Interaction-Ivrea hosts Disappearing Computer Jamboree
The Disappearing Computer network chose Interaction Design Institute Ivrea for its third and final Jamboree meeting on 20 to 22 November. The first two days (20 and 21 November) are dedicated to a final review of the Disappearing Computer projects, and are not open to the public. An Open Day on Saturday 22 November is a golden opportunity for everyone to become familiar with cutting edge research on emerging technologies in Europe.
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7 November
Interaction-Ivrea organises Symposium on Foundations of Interaction Design
On 12 and 13 November, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea organises an international symposium to promote and initiate a discussion on the theoretical foundations of interaction design. The meeting will bring together about 40 specialists, both theorists and interaction designers who played a fundamental role in introducing those theories into the field.
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21 October 2003
Student project "Fashion Victims" presented at E-Culture Fair 2 in Amsterdam on 23 and 24 October 2003
The Interaction-Ivrea student project Fashion Victims, which uses fashion to alert to and denounce social problems, will be presented at Amsterdam's E-Culture Fair on 23 and 24 October 2003.
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8 October 2003
Gillian Crampton Smith among 'Hot 50' of Design Week
Gillian Crampton Smith, the driving force behind Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, has been named as one of the 50 people who have made a significant contribution to design over the past year.
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7 October 2003
Student project wins SMAU award
Control Mania, the thesis project of Sergio Paolantonio, won second prize in the SMAU's "Targa Bonetto" industrial design competition for students
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3 October 2003
Interaction-Ivrea presents CICCIO, an inflatable interactive environment, at INTIMACY event in Florence
From 2 to 12 October, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea presents itself with CICCIO, an inflatable interactive environment, at Beyond Media, a yearly international festival, exhibition and event in Florence, dedicated this year to "Intimacy".
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30 September 2003
Gillian Crampton Smith jury member of the prestigious SMAU Industrial Design Award
Prof. Gillian Crampton Smith, Director of the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, will be a member of the jury of the 36th SMAU Industrial Design Award.
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16 September 2003
Interaction-Ivrea and its projects featured in Domus, Wired, CNN and Design Report
"A bold attempt to create a design education that is beyond obsolescence" (Domus Magazine)
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12 September 2003
24 new students join Interaction-Ivrea
The 24 new students entering their first year of studies at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea come from fifteen countries. Together with the 20 students in the second year, the Interaction-Ivrea student body spans 22 countries and four continents.
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2 September 2003
Interaction-Ivrea at Firenze World Vision 2003
Interaction-Ivrea partners with Firenze World Vision, a series of events and exhibitions dedicated to research and new technologies, organised by Firenze Expo S.p.A., in the organisation of the roundtable discussion that will take place on 6 September 2003.
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28 June 2003
Annual Event 2003: l'esperienza del domani
Interaction-Ivrea's Annual Event 2003 "l'esperienza del domani" closes today
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea presented innovation projects and solutions to improve the quality of everyday life
Twenty students from around the world awarded Master in Interaction Design
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27 June 2003
Annual Event 2003: l'esperienza del domani
20 new graduates at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
On 27 and 28 June the Institute opens its doors to the public and presents "l'esperienza del domani"
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27 June 2003
20 new graduates at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
The President of the Region of Piedmont Enzo Ghigo participates in graduation ceremony - The Institute opens its doors to the public this morning and presents "l'esperienza del domani"
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27 June 2003
"The Seven Virtues of the Interaction Designer" by Gillian Crampton Smith
Transcript of the graduation ceremony address by Gillian Crampton Smith, director of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
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26 June 2003
Minister Lucio Stanca visits Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
This morning the Italian Minister of Innovation and Technology Lucio Stanca visited Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. His visit came on the eve of the official opening of the Annual Event 2003, 'l'esperienza del domani', that takes place tomorrow and on Saturday at the Institute in Ivrea.
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26 June 2003
Interaction-Ivrea launches new website
This morning Interaction-Ivrea launched a new version of its website, which is now easier to navigate, much more consistent, and above all, full of images of projects and people.
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29 April 2003
Open Day for Prospective Students - 9 May 2003
To learn more about our Institute, to meet our faculty and students and to see how we work, you are more than welcome to come to our Open Day for prospective students.
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16 April 2003
Processing at SIGGRAPH 2003
Casey Reas, associate professor at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, was selected to speak on Processing, the new programming language for visual designers at the SIGGRAPH 2003 conference in San Diego.
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4 April 2003
Making web links meaningful - Conference on 'Semantic Web' at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
"The links connecting the billions of pages and resources on the World Wide Web are hard for machines to search through but will soon get an upgrade", said Charles McCathieNevile, staff member at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) during a half-day conference at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea on 4 April 2003.
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26 March 2003
New application deadline: 30 May 2003
A small number of openings are still available for students entering our programme in the autumn of 2003.
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25 March 2003
Student project selected for AIGA magazine
The student project Flight Dream was selected for the AIGA '2003 Annual of Student Projects' and will be featured as one of 15 projects in the next issue of Loop, AIGA's on-line journal of interaction design education.
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15 March 2003
Digital Delicacies - Design concepts for chocolate
Receiving a present of delicious chocolates can be a moment of true joy. An event in the chocolate region of Italy's Piedmont highlighted how experience design could make such a gift even more special and meaningful.
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l'esperienza del domani
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l'esperienza del domani
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The Seven Virtues of the Interaction Designer
Address by Gillian Crampton Smith at the graduation ceremony on 27 June 2003
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