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December 2001
Professors Participate in International Projects
Our Professors are not only active in Ivrea, they also reach out internationally. They collaborate with companies, give lectures, participate in workshops and even receive awards. Here are some updates on Gillian Crampton Smith, Jan-Christoph Zoels, Michael Kieslinger, Giannino Malossi, Stefano Mirti, Walter Aprile e Casey Reas.
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November 2001
Wide Italian press coverage on the inauguration of Interaction-Ivrea's first academic year
During the first week of October, Interaction Ivrea inaugurated its first academic year with a press conference, a visit by Italy's Culture under-secretary Mr. Vittorio Sgarbi, a gala dinner, and the inauguration of an exhibition of research projects developed over the summer. The press conference was presided over by the Institute's President, Senator Franco Debenedetti, Director Gillian Crampton Smith and Professor Giorgio De Michelis of Milan-Bicocca.
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2 October 2001
Designing the Communication Services of Tomorrow
New post-graduate research and teaching institute in Ivrea inaugurates first academic year.
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2 October 2001
Mixed Realities
An autumn exhibition with installations that explore the potential of new technologies in everyday life.
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September 2001
Interaction-Ivrea Announces New Academic Staff
We are pleased to announce that the search for the professorial team for the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, which began in December 2000, has been successful. Interaction Ivrea has built a team of senior people who have experience of interaction design at a high level and come from a range of backgrounds such as design, technology, human sciences and media studies. The biographies of eight newly recruited academic staff members are now available on the website.

September 2001
January-September 2001: Recruit Graduate Students
Applications are considered from designers, technologies, people who have studied human sciences or media sciences, wishing to join the two-year Diploma Course. The first graduate students arrive at the Institute in October 2001.

27 August 2001
I3 Summer School
EC Sponsored Interaction Design Summer School in Ivrea
From 1 to 10 September, Interaction Ivrea co-hosts the i3 Interaction Design Summer School, a hands-on ten-day workshop for more than 50 recent graduates working in interactive system design.
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15-19 June 2001
Outreach Event in Ivrea
The aim of Interaction Ivrea is to foster continuous innovation among a critical mass of creative people and communities working together in novel ways. From 15 to 19 June, we had the unique opportunity to bring together the newly recruited academic staff, the Explorers' Club and potential business and institutional partners from the region.
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June 2001
Exhibition Spring-Summer 2001
Interaction Design looks at the world between five and ten years ahead. In occasion of the Open Day event on the 28-29 March, Interaction Ivrea organised a small permanent Exhibition to bring the subject to life. Here's an overview of all the exhibits and a list of the Interaction Designers who ideated and created them.
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June 2001
Eight professors are now appointed.
Read their biographies here.