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20-22 November 2003
Interaction-Ivrea hosts Disappearing Computer Jamboree
An exhibition on Saturday 22 November at Officine H, Ivrea, gives the Italian and European public the opportunity to see the near future of technological innovation.
The event is organised by Interaction Design Institute Ivrea.

12-13 November 2003
Symposium on Foundations of Interaction Design
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea organises an international symposium to promote and initiate a discussion on the theoretical foundations of interaction design. The meeting will bring together about 40 specialists, both theorists and interaction designers who played a fundamental role in introducing those theories into the field.

23 and 24 October 2003
Student project "Fashion Victims" presented at E-Culture Fair 2 in Amsterdam
The Interaction-Ivrea student project Fashion Victims, which uses fashion to alert to and denounce social problems, will be presented at Amsterdam's E-Culture Fair on 23 and 24 October 2003.

20 October 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Peter Lunenfeld (USA)
Graduate Faculty | Media Design Program
Editorial Director | Mediawork Pamphlet Series
Art Center College of Design
Pasadena, California, USA
"The Point of It All: Visual Intellectuals and Networked Ideals"

2-12 October 2003
Interaction-Ivrea presents CICCIO, an inflatable interactive environment, at INTIMACY event in Florence
From 2 to 12 October, Interaction Design Institute Ivrea presents itself with CICCIO, an inflatable interactive environment, at Beyond Media, a yearly international festival, exhibition and event in Florence, dedicated this year to "Intimacy".

2 October 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Donald A. Norman (USA)
Principal, Nielsen Norman Group, and Professor of Computer Science and Psychology, Northwestern University
"Emotional Design"

6 September 2003
Interaction-Ivrea at Firenze World Vision 2003
Interaction-Ivrea partners with Firenze World Vision, a series of events and exhibitions dedicated to research and new technologies, organised by Firenze Expo S.p.A., in the organisation of the roundtable discussion that will take place on 6 September 2003.

27-28 June 2003
Annual Event 2003: l'esperienza del domani
20 new graduates at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
On 27 and 28 June the Institute opens its doors to the public and presents "l'esperienza del domani"

5 June 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Ettore Sottsass (Italy)
Sottsass Associates
Milan, Italy
Ettore Sotssass interviewed on his new book Scritti by Michele De Lucchi (designer)
Introduction by Gillian Crampton Smith

29 May 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Birgit Mager (Germany)
Professor of Service Design
International School of Design
Cologne, Germany
"Service Design - Design of Immaterial Products!"

15 May 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Marco Susani (Italy)
Director, Advanced Concept Group
Cambridge, USA
"Forms of communication. How new forms of communication stimulate new social relations and how they affect the design of services and products".

8 May 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Jussi Holopainen (Finland)
Games Researcher
Nokia Research Centre
Tampere, Finland
"Experimental Game Prototyping for a Better Tomorrow"

29 April 2003
Open Day for Prospective Students - 9 May 2003
To learn more about our Institute, to meet our faculty and students and to see how we work, you are more than welcome to come to our Open Day for prospective students.

4 April 2003
Making web links meaningful - Conference on 'Semantic Web' at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
"The links connecting the billions of pages and resources on the World Wide Web are hard for machines to search through but will soon get an upgrade", said Charles McCathieNevile, staff member at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) during a half-day conference at Interaction Design Institute Ivrea on 4 April 2003.

20 March 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Ezio Manzini (Italy)
Professor of Industrial Design, Milan Polytechnic
Milan, Italy
"Scenarios of sustainable ways of living"

15 March 2003
Digital Delicacies - Design concepts for chocolate
Receiving a present of delicious chocolates can be a moment of true joy. An event in the chocolate region of Italy's Piedmont highlighted how experience design could make such a gift even more special and meaningful.

13 March 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Miranda Mowbray (UK)
Research scientist
Hewlett-Packard Labs
Bristol, UK
"Good and Bad Behaviour in Online Communities"

6 March 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Despina Papadopoulos (Greece)
5050 Ltd.
New York, USA
"Gestures of Technology"

18 February 2003
Catalyst Lecture - John Foot (UK)
University College London
London, UK
"Milan Since the Miracle: City, Culture and Identity"

30 January 2003
Catalyst Lecture - John Maeda (USA)
Associate Professor of Design and Computation
MIT Media Lab
Cambridge, USA
"To digital or not to digital. What are computers good for?"

23 January 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Ranjit Makkuni (India)
Sacred World Foundation
San Francisco, USA
"Culturally Reflective Computing"

16 January 2003
Catalyst Lecture - Carlo Forcolini and Maurizio Morgantini (Italy)
President and Vice-President
ADI (Industrial Design Association)
Milan, Italy

l'esperienza del domani
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